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Tac-Eye LT
Designed with the mobile user in mind, this sunglass mounted display is lightweight, low profile, and high resolution. Its high-contrast SVGA (800x600) display is perfect for displaying images from a wearable computer, laptop, vehicle mounted computer system, security cameras, or any other video source. Combined with some of the new Ultra Mobile PC’s, you now have access to one of the lightest, rugged wearable computers systems ever built.

Commercial Applications
Tac-Eye was designed as a modular system, offering the user a great variety of inputs. It will work with small computers for wearable computing applications or as a hands-free imager for video sources.

Some of the applications include:
  • Medical: View vital signs or endoscopic images without taking your eyes off the patient.
  • Maintenance: View the output of your borescope or flaw detector hands-free and heads-up.
  • Security: View video on the move without compromising safety and security.
  • Test & Measurement: Concentrate your eye on the circuit board without turning your head to see the waveform Videography: Monitor the camera's view from anywhere on the set GIS and mapping: View high resolution maps while
  • Mobility: View computer information anytime, anywhere to increase workflow and productivity.